Confidence Is Silent. Insecurities Are Loud

It's doubt that forces you to beg for somebody else to tell you how great you are.

Having confidence means that your mere presence speaks so loudly that anyone can hear it. Don't waste your time trying to be someone that you are not. Believe in yourself and trust that, you alone are enough.

People that feel the need to talk themselves up, to make themselves look better than they are. These attempts to make their appearance more palatable say something louder than any tacky convertible: Please, please, please like me!

If you want to find the people who are really and truly good at something, look for the people hanging out in the background, calmly going about their business. These are people who know their value. Who know what they're good at and how. They're the people who do what needs to be done — not because somebody will praise them for it but because if they don't do it, nobody will.

Knowing you're fantastic at something means your own approval is all you need. It's doubt that forces you to beg for somebody else to tell you how great you are.

Insecurities are louder than nearly anything else going on in our heads. They shout out the reason, the praise, the practical knowledge. Insecurity hovers over our accomplishments, asking, "Is this good enough? Tell me this is good enough!"

The way to knock out that insecurity is to respond with silence. To stop contradicting it, and instead shrug and say to ourselves, "This is fine, this is good enough, this is good. I know it, and it doesn't matter if anyone else knows it, too."

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