FIFA investigating Bruno Fernandes sell-on clause in Manchester United move

Sampdoria claim they are entitled to 10 per cent of the profit Sporting Lisbon made on the sale of Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United 
FIFA has confirmed they are investigating a claim from Sampdoria against Sporting Lisbon in relation to the "financial obligations set out in the contract corresponding to the transfer" of Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United.

A FIFA spokesperson has confirmed a complaint was lodged by Sampdoria on April 3 relating to the deal which took Fernandes from Sporting to United in the January transfer window.
The spokesperson said: "The matter is currently being investigated and consequently we cannot provide further comments."

It has been reported that Sampdoria believe they are entitled to 10 per cent of any profit Sporting made on Fernandes, who was sold to United for 58m Euros (£47m) in January.

That would mean the Serie A club, where Fernandes played for just a single season before moving to Portugal for £7.5m in 2017, would be entitled to a payment of around £4m.

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